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Select Board Appoints Replacement Representative to Hazen School Board

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by Gazette Staff

GREENSBORO – At its Sept. 13 regular meeting, the Greensboro Select Board discussed, SBA financial assistance application deadlines, communications between the board and the road crew, and the appointment of a new representative to the Hazen Union school board.

Arleace Green, a public affairs specialist with the Small Business Administration (SBA), explained that the deadline to apply for assistance has been extended to October 12 for businesses and nonprofits physically affected by the flooding. A separate program for economic-only damages also exists. Through this program, businesses and nonprofits that weren’t physically damaged, yet were economically affected by flooding in the region, can apply for assistance. The deadline for this program is April 15, 2024, which gives businesses time to assess possible economic losses.

Ernie Machia, representing the Greensboro Fire District #2 in Greensboro Bend district, said that the district had to spend $5,900 cleaning their well casing due to the heavy clay soil around the well. He asked whether the town could help pay this bill, given that the district’s income is only $800 a month and there are other expenses coming up. After discussion, the board voted to pay the bill in full, using unspent American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, which totaled approximately $80,000 at the time of the meeting. Separately, board chair Peter Romans said there have been communication issues with the fire district and requested that Machia work to improve his communications with the town.

The road supervisor’s report noted that grant work on Lakeview Road, stone-lining ditches and graveling, is almost complete. The crew is making progress on roads around town, but there are a lot of flood repairs left to complete. FEMA gives the town 18 months from the flooding event to complete repairs, so work can continue throughout next construction season. Contractors have been hired to work on flood repairs around town and bids will soon be solicited for the temporary bridge on Shadow Lake Road, which will be installed later this fall.

The next discussion was about communication issues between the road crew and board chair Peter Romans. Road foreman Tom Camarra was on sick leave during and just after the July floods, and Romans was managing the disaster response. Board member David Kelley said that everyone has been stressed and stretched thin since the flood, a situation that lends itself to people being short with each other. He asked everyone to be forgiving of one another. Board member Ellen Celnik said that the misunderstandings brought up between Camarra and Romans could have been worked out with better communication. She suggested having a meeting about ways to improve communication between the board and road crew, and to discuss the roles of the road crew and board. Town Treasurer Brett Stanciu agreed to organize a meeting between the road crew, a select board member or members, and herself.

The board voted to approve a curb cut for Carol Fairbank at 604 Cemetery Ridge Road, and to approve the trapping ordinance for town properties, as presented.

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