Greensboro’s Housing Crisis isn’t New or Unique

Recent conversations about potential development of Greensboro’s Town Hall by RuralEdge to create 20 residential rental apartments has drawn both strong support and criticism. It’s an issue that is becoming divisive in a small town where people with differing opinions generally coexist peacefully. This is not a new problem, either[Read More…]

The Best-prepared Candidate

To the editor: I urge voters in the August 13 primary to support Leanne Harple. She is the best-prepared candidate to guide us through the changes Vermonters need to create a more equitable public education system. Here are the reasons Harple is the best choice to serve us in the[Read More…]

Share Your Concerns

To the editor: The Greensboro select board is under the impression nobody is in opposition to their plans. Whether you live in Greensboro year-round, during the summer, or in the adjacent communities, if you are opposed to turning our historic town hall into subsidized low-income housing with all the contingent[Read More…]

Gathering Information to Answer Questions

To the editor: Before any agreement with Rural Edge can be reached, the town needs answers to many questions. Some of these include: water and sewer issues, a site plan for parking, lighting, landscaping, space for the Giving Closet and town offices, relocation of recycling and a price for the[Read More…]

We all Love This Town

To the editor: In 2001, The Greensboro Historical Society published a wonderful book titled “An Architectural Walking Tour of Greensboro, Vt., The Village”. It was prepared by Rolf Muenster and Jenny Stoner. Along with many other volunteers they gathered information about the historical houses and buildings in the village along[Read More…]

Rural Edge Town Hall Project

To the editor: The select board of Greensboro has been asked multiple times when and where they will hold an open meeting for the whole community, to hear all voices and ideas about other ideas and options for our town hall and property (without including the Rural Edge’s project.) They[Read More…]

We are in a Housing Crisis

To the editor: I’m puzzling over the loud voices in opposition to the Rural Edge project that would create affordable housing at the town hall. I’m wondering if those in opposition have considered the following facts: We are in a housing crisis, which means that only the wealthiest among us[Read More…]

For the Record

The photo accompanying the “Caspian Lake Kiosk . . .” story on page five of the June 12 edition was inadvertently attributed to Hal Gray, when it was submitted as a courtesy photo.