Many a Toast Over the Years

EAST MONTPELIER – This past week, during the excitement of Valentine’s Day and the nocturnal activities of the characters who covered the windows of  downtown Montpelier with hundreds of red hearts, a significant birthday passed almost unnoticed. While here in the north country of New England a mediocre winter defies[Read More…]

Monthly Musings

Medication or Meditation SHELBURNE – Children will tell you that school release is forever ago after recess or lunch. Many are itching to move. The kids arrived at Wonder & Wisdom after school with a lot of pent-up energy. We started with vigorous exercise or an energetic game before beginning[Read More…]

The Most Important Garden Tool

CABOT – Last February, I wrote about “showing love” to your garden tools: keeping them clean, sharp, oiled, painted and always stored under cover. This February, I want to talk about the care of your most important tool: you! Gardening is fun and rewarding. It’s also physically demanding. In the[Read More…]

A Tale of Two Grosbeaks

by Susan Shea BROOKFIELD – Last February, several evening grosbeaks, which we rarely see here, visited our feeder. About the size of robins, the males were yellow with black and white wings, a black tail, and a bright yellow band above the eyes. The females were silver-gray with tinges of[Read More…]

It’s Hard Not to Feel Lucky

EAST MONTPELIER – Change, we have been told, is the only constant. In recent years, we’ve come to believe, change is accelerating at a dizzy pace. And how many times have we heard the phrase, “the good old days”? The good old days, I always muse, before antibiotics and novocaine[Read More…]

Check Trees for Signs of ALB

by Ginger Nickerson, Extension Forest Pest Education Coordinator, University of Vermont BURLINGTON – When working in their sugarbush this winter, maple producers are encouraged to be on the lookout for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). This wood-boring insect, native to southeast Asia, will kill many hardwood trees. However,[Read More…]