These Were Especially Offensive

EAST MONTPELIER – It’s just past lunchtime up here on the little hill, and I’m feeling extremely grumpy. This is not my usual post-lunch mood. Normally I’d collapse into my recliner, wait for Kiki to jump up into my lap and turn around till she found a spot, and begin[Read More…]

Women’s Work

In both 1900 and 1910, the few women who owned or managed businesses in the Village of Hardwick did so from their homes as dressmakers or milliners. Many homemakers took in boarders, making themselves boarding house managers, but rarely told the census taker that they had an occupation. By the[Read More…]

Building Habitat for Bees

NORTHFIELD – Bees are critically important pollinators to support and protect. Along with other insects, bees are essential components of agriculture by pollinating fruits, vegetables and other crops.  Pollinator habitat is declining as a result of large-scale agriculture and urbanization. This trend destroys natural bee habitats like grasslands and prairies,[Read More…]

June Jitters

SHELBURNE – The trials and tribulations of the times are giving me the June Jitters. Sitting on the edge of my seat puts too much weight on my sweaty, funky feet and keeps me more in my head than from healing my heart. Gathered recently for a pizza party, a[Read More…]

It’s Impossible to Know

EAST MONTPELIER – We started the kids out early, Mother and I. From summers working on an island and living in a wall tent off the coast of Maine, and little weekend outings, we progressed to a trip down the Allagash when the oldest, Virginia, was 11 and the youngest,[Read More…]