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Opportunity Greensboro Forum on Housing Initiative

GREENSBORO — Opportunity Greensboro is offering a forum “In Support of and for Learning More about the Town Hall/Rural Edge Initiative” at the Greensboro United Church of Christ’s Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, June 4, at 7 p.m. Opportunity Greensboro is a group of neighbors who support the town hall/Rural Edge[Read More…]

Vittles Kaef Now Open for Weekday Lunch and Saturday Breakfast

HARDWICK — Vittles Kaef (noun, a slang word for café) will offer a wide menu; including but not limited to hand-crafted sandwiches. They will also serve homestyle soups, seasonal salads, self-serve slow cook meals, breakfast sandwiches, and “Hawwt Dawwgs”. Vittles is a new up-and-coming sandwich and soup shop located in[Read More…]

Local Artists Exhibit at Front Gallery

MONTPELIER – The Front Gallery, 6 Barre Street, will feature work by members in the Hardwick area, Alexandra Bottinelli, Elizabeth Nelson and Kathy Stark. The show, “Show 61, June,” features work by all 23 members of this artist-run gallery and opens June 7 with an art walk reception, 4 p.m.[Read More…]

Reuben Adams Indicted

GRAFTON, N.H. — Reuben Adams, 46, of Hardwick, was indicted May 13 on four special class felony counts of drug possession with intent to sell by a grand jury at Grafton Superior Court in New Hampshire. Prosecutors allege that Adams possessed over 5 grams of crack cocaine, over a half-ounce[Read More…]


HARDWICK – Richard Bailey, 62 of Hardwick, passed away at home unexpectedly on Monday, May 20.Ricky was born in Hardwick on October 3, 1961, to Lawrence and Shirley (Ripley) Bailey. He was the youngest of their three children. Ricky spent a lot of his early childhood years in and out[Read More…]

Screening Garden Soils for Lead

BURLINGTON – Whether new to gardening, or growing vegetables for years, gardeners should understand the importance of getting soil tested for nutrient levels, soil pH and having garden soil screened for lead. Although lead, a bluish-gray metal, occurs naturally in soil in small amounts, typically less than  41  parts per[Read More…]