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Meals on Wheels Volunteers

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photo by Hal Gray
Local Meals-on-Wheels volunteers at the Greensboro Nursing Home, April 15, some of whom departed for their deliveries before arrival of NEK Council on Aging representatives who came to show their appreciation, were (left to right) Mary Meyer, David Mitchell, Norma Spaulding, Paul Fixx, Kathy Mitchell, Janney Johnston and B.J. Gray. Missing volunteers Becky and Stew Arnold, Anne and Mike Cassidy, Cilla Bonney-Smith and Nat Smith, Nancy Hill and Clive Gray, Paula Harmon, Fan Watkinson, Ken Johnston and Hal Gray will be recognized at a later time.

photo by Hal Gray
NEK Council on Aging Executive Director Meg Burmeister (left) and Director of Nutrition, Herb Will (right) showed their appreciation to Meals-on-Wheels volunteers with the presentation of gasoline gift cards to four drivers on Monday, April 15, at the Greensboro Nursing Home where meals are prepared for local delivery on six routes each week. Volunteers include (second from left to right), Debbie and Earl Kasper, Sherral Lumsden and Janney Johnston.

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