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Trees Planted to Mitigate Flooding

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photo by Liz Steel
The volunteer planting team at work included Nova, Myth, Arya, Keira and Ted Sedell.

GREENSBORO BEND – On Friday, April 26, and Saturday, April 27, a volunteer team led by the Watershed Stewards of Greensboro (part of the Greensboro Association) and Orleans County Conservation District, planted close to 400 trees in Greensboro Bend at the property of Pierrette Lyman.

Lyman had asked for a Streamwise Assessment to be completed on her land in early 2023. Her property abuts the Lamoille River and was significantly impacted by the floods of July 2023. As she had already had her Streamwise Assessment, the Watershed Stewards and Orleans County Conservation District were able to respond quickly with a grant from the Trees for Streams program to obtain the trees and schedule the planting early in 2024.

photo by Liz Steel
Watershed Stewards Jed Feffer and Chris Steel with Jen Thomson of Smith’s Grocery assisted with planting about 400 trees in Greensboro Bend.

The team planted 391 Silver Maple, Tamarack, Willow, Elderberry and Dogwood trees. These trees will help protect Lyman’s property from future flood events and also improve the water quality in the Lamoille River.

Over the two days of planting, 29 local volunteers participated including representatives of the Barton Girl Scouts Troop.  Smith’s Grocery in Greensboro Bend donated food and drinks for the volunteers.

If interested in scheduling a Streamwise Assessment of a property, contact [email protected].  A Streamwise Assessment recommends steps a property owner can take to enhance their land and mitigate flood risk where their land abuts a river and gives a property owner access to additional resources to help them with the recommended improvements.

drone photo by Ted Sedell
Ted Sedell of Orleans County Conservation District coaches some of the younger volunteers.

photo by Liz Steel
Members of a volunteer planting team (left to right) Ted Sedell of Orleans County Conservation District, Alta Turner, John Cannon, Jed Feffer, Joan Feffer, Chris Steel, property owner Pierrette Lyman, Bill Berman and Clark Amadon assisted with planting trees on the Lyman property.
Chris Steel

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