Paul Fixx

Volunteering Just Might Be Good For You

With Town Meetings almost upon us, lots of folks across Vermont are thinking about volunteers. Towns need volunteers, lots of them. The list of where towns need volunteers seems almost endless: library trustees, electric department commissioners, planning commissions and development review boards, town energy committees, and quite recently, equity committees[Read More…]

Making Connections

I’ve been thinking a lot about making connections lately. The Gazette’s transition to a nonprofit from a for-profit enterprise has meant making a lot of connections between technical things that are needed to produce a digital newspaper. From the beginning, both ends of the process of making a newspaper required[Read More…]

The Real Heroes of the Story

VT Digger recently ran a story about The Hardwick Gazette featuring the paper’s transition to a non-profit enterprise. The real heroes of that story are three people who have collectively worked for this paper for 105 years, just 30 less than its own 135. Sandy Atkins is a newcomer by[Read More…]

Us and Them or We?

How we think of those around us sometimes makes a big difference in how we treat them. In recent years we’ve watched as our national political dialogue has become more about preventing the opposition from succeeding than in having a plan for creating a vision to address real issues faced[Read More…]

Ken LaCasse Gets Operator of the Year Excellence Award

HARDWICK – Ken LaCasse’s heroic efforts to protect Hardwick’s environment during this past summer’s flooding, when the Lamoille River overflowed its banks, earned him the New England regional 2023 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator of the Year Excellence Award. LaCasse went above and beyond his usual duties to reduce environmental damage[Read More…]

Hardwick Electric Files for Rate Increase

HARDWICK – Hardwick Electric Department (HED) recently filed for a 1.97% rate increase, less than a year after its requested 13.03% rate increase was rejected by the Vermont Public Utility Commission (PUC). The approved 5.57% went into effect March 1, 2023. If approved, this one is scheduled to take effect[Read More…]

Calais Author Honored with Newbery Award

CALAIS – Earlier this month, M.T. Anderson’s young adult tale, “Elf Dog and Owl Head,” was named as a Newbery Honor Book when the American Library Association announced the 2024 Youth Media Award winners. M.T. Anderson writes of his book, ”As a young reader, I learned to stay away from[Read More…]

Marshfield Town Meeting Stories Feature Brimblecombe

by Gazette Staff MARSHFIELD – VT Digger stories in the past two weeks featured quotes from Marshfield’s Town Clerk Bobbi Brimblecombe. They reported that the town is going to try an experiment, holding their town meeting on Sunday, March 3, “to see if we can get more participation,” said Brimblecombe.[Read More…]