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photo by Vanessa Fournier
Snow melt and rain Friday made for a rapid flowing Lamoille River along Route 16 in East Hardwick. Uprooted trees from the July flooding can be seen at right.

A couple of absolutely marvelous and warm days occurred on Sunday and Tuesday with sunny skies and mild temperatures.

Today will be high pressure’s last day over the region before in moves eastward and clouds return for tomorrow. A frontal system approaching will bring a steady rain Thursday night changing to scattered showers for Friday and Saturday. Sunshine returns for Sunday with slightly cooler temperatures.

Wednesday: Sunny. High: 60. Low: 38.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy. Rain developing by afternoon. High: 57. Low: 41.

Friday: Cloudy. Scattered showers. High: 56. Low: 40.

Saturday: Cloudy. Scattered showers. High: 54. Low: 38.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High: 51. Low: 30.

Tyler is our weather reporter and a community journalist. He works as a nurse and EMT, volunteers with Hardwick Rescue and helps to train new EMTs.

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