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Bureaucratic Bloat

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To the editor:

“If we don’t spend it, we won’t get it next year.” Our(?) Vermont legislature’s motto. The progressive and liberal democrats control the legislature. They’ve decided to reallocate the wealth of America from your pocket to theirs. I always thought they spent it faster than we can make it, but no, they give it away faster than we can make it.

The nonprofits (grant money) and government agencies are “Hogs at the trough” with our tax dollars. Bloated salaries and benefits (available to the public) are more apt to be where these tax dollars go. They say they are audited. There’s two types of audits, Financial for the dollars allotted them. Anybody can make the numbers add up. Performance is generally vaguely done and the nonprofit’s board of directors (made up of other people who live off the taxpayer dollars) oversee this (or do they). How many employee policy manuals (not available to the public anymore) say (among other perks) that they can give out bonuses at any time. Often being the last week of their fiscal year in order to be able to say they spent it all.

Maybe it’s time to get some accountability for the taxpayers dollars. But not under the present people supposedly representing us.

Charley Burbank


Charley Burbank

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