Avram Patt

Veto Session, School Property Taxes

by Rep. Avram Patt WORCESTER – I will be wrapping up my last term with two reports about the historically unprecedented number of bills vetoed by Governor Scott, in this session as well as in his entire time in office. The Governor vetoed eight bills just this year. Six of[Read More…]

Not Running for Re-election

WORCESTER – I am writing to let everyone in the Lamoille-Washington House district and others know that I will not be seeking re-election as one of the district’s two State Representatives for the next term which begins in 2025. This decision was not any easy one. I have thought and[Read More…]

Representatives Work on Taxes, Senate Bills

WORCESTER – The House Ways and Means and Education Committees are working on a number of bills dealing with property tax and education funding issues that have been front and center this session, as they have been in the Senate as well. These include the annual “Yield Bill,” the chief[Read More…]

Busy Considering Crossover Deadlines

WORCESTER – The House and Senate have been busy acting on bills that must make the several different crossover deadlines for different types of bills, in order to get them to the other body. Much of the rest of the session will be spent on back and forth activity, either[Read More…]

Entering the Make-or-Break Session

Entering the Make-or-Break Session WORCESTER – The Legislature is back in session after the Town Meeting. Around the state and in some towns in our district, there have been changes in how voters make their decisions. Some towns do not have a live town meeting anymore and make their decisions[Read More…]

The Session Begins

by Rep. Avram Patt, Lamoille-Washington District, Morristown, Elmore, Woodbury, Worcester and northern Stowe WOODBURY – The 2024 session of the Legislature began on July 3. It being the second half of a two-year biennium session, we will be dealing with a lot of new issues and bills, but we will[Read More…]