Keen Insights, Deep Sincerity

To the editor: When I hear the name David Kelley, so many great things come to my mind. Now I’ve learned that David is running for the Vermont House for the towns of Craftsbury, Greensboro, Glover and Albany. But as I’ve thought about writing this letter, two things in particular[Read More…]

For the Record

The Greensboro Historical Society note in the Gazette’s “Our Communities” section last week titled, “New Summer Exhibit Opens June 30” incorrectly showed the museum’s Saturday summer hours, which are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The editorial, “Change is Inevitable,” in the June 26 edition mistakenly indicated Greensboro students in grades[Read More…]

Change is Inevitable

Towns in the Gazette’s coverage area are having conversations about housing, their schools, their access to emergency services and many other things. Those conversations often seem to happen in silos, unconnected with each other and a bigger picture view of the town’s future. Cabot recently began a community conversation, initiated[Read More…]

Leave it Where it Belongs

To the editor: In the growing fight between Trump and Biden, we also have the competition for who is more affected by age-related mental decline. As we age, nearly all of us will lose some of the ability to instantly recall names and will misspeak at times. Both Trump and[Read More…]

Veto Session, School Property Taxes

by Rep. Avram Patt WORCESTER – I will be wrapping up my last term with two reports about the historically unprecedented number of bills vetoed by Governor Scott, in this session as well as in his entire time in office. The Governor vetoed eight bills just this year. Six of[Read More…]

Great Coverage

To the editor: I appreciate the details [on the neonicotinoids veto] about where the yeas and nays came from! Great coverage! I also appreciate including my quote, too!  Emily Lanxner East Hardwick

Kelley is Bright Spot in Election

To the editor: The bright spot for me in the 2024 elections is that David Kelley is running for the House of Representatives. You may recognize his name from the opinion pages of the local newspapers where he is a regular contributor or know him from the various work he[Read More…]

Greensboro’s Housing Crisis isn’t New or Unique

Recent conversations about potential development of Greensboro’s Town Hall by RuralEdge to create 20 residential rental apartments has drawn both strong support and criticism. It’s an issue that is becoming divisive in a small town where people with differing opinions generally coexist peacefully. This is not a new problem, either[Read More…]