Editorial, For the Record

For the Record

The March 20 article, “Hamels Sell Renovated 1876 Landmark,” reported Levi Bourne’s company name and relationship to Bourne’s Energy. Levi Bourne is the owner of Clay Hill Apartments and works at Bourne’s Energy, but is not its owner.

Bourne lives in Walden and told the Gazette he commutes through Hardwick past the inn every day. He intends to continue operating the Hardwick Inn as a community resource and that he anticipates offering use of the porch deck facing Main Street to host the Hardwick Spring Festival’s Grand Marshall.

The March 20 review titled “St. Patrick’s Day Crowd at the Legion Celebrate with “Yanks in the Attic’” should have referred to Roy MacNeil and Mavis MacNeil then noted the instrument Roy MacNeil is playing in the upper left photo as a mandolin.

The March 20 edition noted that Mandy Spaulding is a member of the Mountain View Union School Board. We checked the OSSU web site before printing her letter to the editor and it still showed her as a member. She advises us that she is “not on the school board” and writes that she, “resigned shortly after the annual meeting and my resignation was “accepted” at the meeting March 12.”

Paul Fixx is editor of The Hardwick Gazette and lives in Hardwick.

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