Mandy Spaulding

Can Our School District Afford It?

To the editor: I write to express my deep concern regarding the ongoing discussions surrounding the fate of Lakeview School and the broader implications for our district’s educational landscape. Recent events, such as the temporary closure of Windham Elementary due to staffing struggles and the financial challenges facing local schools[Read More…]

An Opportunity for Positive Transformation

To the editor: As a concerned member of the community, I feel compelled to shed light on a matter of pressing importance: the future of our local microschools. It has been confirmed that the principal of Lakeview (and Woodbury) is leaving both schools without leadership. While proponents of saving these[Read More…]

The Myth of One School, Three Campuses

To the editor: As discussions about school mergers persist, it has become increasingly evident that the notion of “one school, three campuses” is nothing more than a myth. It is a soundbite being used to distract from the reality that is dividing the district community – or should I say[Read More…]

Elitism Shouldn’t Dictate School Closures

To the editor:I write to express my concern over the prevailing elitism guiding the voices of those advocating to keep small schools open at any cost, despite the evident suffering of students in Hardwick. While I understand the sentiment of preserving cherished community institutions, it’s imperative to prioritize the well-being[Read More…]

Questions to Lakeview School Advocates

To the editor: As a concerned member of our community, I am writing to pose several important questions to the supporters of Lakeview School and its continued operation. These questions cut to the heart of the matter and demand answers that go beyond rhetoric and personal biases.Firstly, what is the[Read More…]

What Might a Lakeview School Closure Mean?

To the editor: I’m writing to express grave concerns about Lakeview School’s operation in our district, especially given recent developments undisclosed before critical decisions. The decision to maintain Lakeview despite severe staff shortages compromises education quality, evident in one teacher covering multiple grades. Moreover, the disproportionate per-pupil expenditure raises fiscal[Read More…]