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Overlooked Aspect of the Lakeview Annual Meeting

To the editor:
I am writing to shed some light on a crucial aspect overlooked in David Kelley’s recent editorial regarding the outcome of the annual meeting. While Kelley accurately points out that Simon Cohen wasn’t elected, he fails to shed light on the underlying reason why. In fact, he erroneously implies that the board could have appointed him and that the (I was on the board at the time) failure to do so was somehow ill-intended. Also, let’s not forget that it took quite some time to get anyone from Stannard to even fill that seat to begin with, despite the board’s continuous efforts to facilitate that.
The absence of a town clerk or a justice of the peace from Stannard was why Cohen was not elected. Without their presence to verify voters and votes, the election could not occur that night. Also, there was no action item on the agenda to appoint Cohen, as the expectation was that there could be a proper vote if the necessary representatives were present. It is hardly the board’s fault that the Stannard town clerk couldn’t be bothered to attend.
I commend Orise Ainsworth for her efforts in trying to facilitate the proper procedures by advising and delaying so Cohen could attempt to obtain the needed representation. However, he could not. This is not an outsider’s misinterpretation of the facts. I was sitting right there, next to Cohen.
Also, if we are implying some hidden agenda, what do you make of the superintendent trying to put off seating a Hardwick resident for my seat at the reorganization meeting? He wanted to appoint only Cohen and put off filling the Hardwick seat? Although both were on that agenda? I can not imagine a legitimate reason why that would have been appropriate.
The editorial overlooks key issues, particularly regarding busing. Despite survey results showing that families wouldn’t base school choice on busing availability, Lakeview supporters ignore this, over and over. Is this willful ignorance of the survey? Or is it something else?  It’s hypocritical to deem it acceptable for young students to ride buses to Greensboro but not Hardwick. Shouldn’t the same standard apply district-wide? Or is there something special about the Greensboro roads leading out of town that doesn’t apply to the roads leading in?
Also, what would happen if this area somehow did attract families? Where are the homes for sale in Greensboro? Where are all the new homes being built? Maybe the zoning official can chime in?
Of course, the board spent time discussing what if they couldn’t staff school! Every single other consideration is moot if the school has no teachers. It would be negligent for the board not to make that the first priority. Sadly, long-term planning was purposefully avoided by the board, until it couldn’t be, as a result of teachers fleeing the school. Rumor has it, the principal of Lakeview is also interviewing for other jobs.
And finally, why is it problematic to have family members on the board? Isn’t David Kelley married to a Hazen Union employee, while simultaneously sitting on that board? Is he implying that he and his wife never have different opinions?
I have a whole other letter on the myth of “one school, three campuses” – but that will have to wait ’til next week.
Mandy Spaulding

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