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Stunned That Ski and Ride Program Diminished

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To the editor:

I am stunned that David Perrigo has been removed as facilitator for the ski and ride program and that it appears it will be cut back to only four or five days a year.

My son has partaken in the program the last two years and has found it to be a wonderful and rewarding experience.  Many students that would otherwise not be able to afford to learn to ski have been exposed to this winter activity.  The ability to ski or ride is something that will stay with them all through life and the people that they meet will help to enrich them as they become adults.

No reason for these changes have been given, nor has any offer to look at continuing be put forth. As a member of the community and a parent of a child in school who has been a part of the ski program since elementary school,  I feel that we are all owed an explanation moving forward.

I understand that the matter will be a topic of concern at the next school board meeting. Hopefully some clarity as to why this action was taken can be found.

Tom Halperin 


Tom Halperin

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