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Support Your Local Florist

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Often at the end of obituaries, it says “in remembrance” donate to a certain nonprofit. Often, that nonprofit is the Nature Conservancy. One location is in Montpelier.

The Nature Conservancys is a 501CE organization and pay zilch in taxes and are required to let the public know what they are doing with this tax-free money. After obtaining the tax returns from the Nature Conservancy, salaries are listed from $788,524 to $165,505. The average for the 50 employees is roughly $265,400. One listing is $250,976, and she averaged one hour per week. Bloated bureaucracy!

The tax returns also says they have $64,565,923 in cash, non-interest-bearing savings and temporary cash investments of $35,166,312, Government contributions of $108,446,526. (Information obtained from the Nature Conservancy.) Are they tax dollars?

Most of these people most likely live in a 25-story penthouse in New York City, never been in the woods.

Support your local florist and send flowers and keep the dollars in-state and off the 25th floor.

Charley Burbank


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