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Roads Dominate Select Board Agenda

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by Gazette Staff

GREENSBORO – At its June 14 regular meeting, the Greensboro Select Board’s agenda focused mostly on roads, paving, roads, plowing, and roads.

Library trustee Beth Meacham reported that the north section of library driveway needs to be repaired. The board and road foreman believe repaving would be the best approach. The Altmans, who own the land, are in favor of using staymat and the board decided to respect their wishes. The board also reviewed a quote for the work that was solicited by Meacham. Board Chair Peter Romans felt that the bid was high and said he would solicit a few more bids. While the work will not be done until fall, Meacham said she will discuss the project with the Altmans, as they indicated they might contribute funds to the project.

After discussion, the board voted to renew the police services contract with the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. The price of the contract is $190,000, which is unchanged from last year.

Road Foreman Tom Camarra reported that the town’s roads are in decent shape, despite a significant amount of rain. Current work includes culvert replacements, ditching on T.H. #8, and grant-funded work on Lakeview Road. The road crew has reclaimed shoulders on 9.5 miles of town roads. Camarra said that the reclaimer did a great job. The road crew is trying to fit vacation time in prior to July 1. Romans requested that the crew address the issue of stormwater running directly into Tate Brook on North Shore Road.

The board discussed the only bid for road paving, from Pike Industries. Under the terms of the contract, one mile of paving will cost $138,659, while the town budgeted $165,000 for paving. The question was raised about using the entire budgeted amount and paving an additional stretch of road beyond one mile. Pike employee Nigel Friend said the company could do this, assuming their equipment can be driven, rather than trucked, to the second location. The board voted to accept Pike’s paving bid. The company will be asked to pave as much road as the $165,000 budget will allow.

The board then voted to accept the only bid that was received for roadside mowing. Mike Montgomery submitted a bid for $8,467.50. The board also voted to accept the lone bid for gravel crushing and sand screening, which was submitted by McCulloch with a cost of $5.25/yd. for gravel crushing and $4.25/yd. for sand screening, using the town loader to stockpile sand.

No bid was received for sidewalk preparation work. Camarra reiterated that it may make sense to replace or repair the storm drains along Breezy Avenue prior to the new sidewalk being installed. No decision was made by the board.

The board returned to the subject of damage done to driveways during snowplowing, which was raised during its last meeting. Board member David Kelley’s draft letter to Perry’s, requesting a meeting to discuss damage done to driveways last winter, was reviewed and approved for sending.

A discussion continued about a petition to change the speed limit on Main Street in Greensboro Bend to 25 mph. Romans said that a speed study will be conducted using the town’s speed cart to inform the discussion on changing the speed limit. He hopes to have the study completed by next month’s meeting.

In an update on the town garage, board Chair Peter Romans said that $250,000 to $500,000 could be saved by siting the new town garage on the fire station lot. An advantage of this approach is that the road crew wouldn’t have to work around a disruptive construction project at the current town garage site. Despite some inefficiencies created by splitting town garage infrastructure into two locations, Road Foreman Tom Camarra was in favor of this plan. To determine whether this option is possible, a few regulatory items must be taken care of first, such as obtaining a new wetlands delineation. If the option is found to be possible, discussions with the fire department would be a next step.

With current fuel oil prices significantly lower than last year, the board voted to pre-order 3,500 gallons of fuel oil from Blanchard Oil at $3.16/gallon and pay a cap fee of $1,750.

The board also voted to accept a Northern Vermont Development Association bid for the Hazard Mitigation Plan update, and accepted John Sperry’s three-year proposal for mowing the town’s cemeteries. The contract will pay $14,500 for FY24, and $15,000 each year for FY25 and FY26

On July 15 there will be a celebration of the opening of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT). Governor Scott will travel the entire Rail Trail and may make a stop in The Bend. If this stop is confirmed, refreshments will be offered, and a poster will be put up to thank the governor for his support of the LVRT project.

The board also approved the dispatch contract with the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Dept. for $11,577.69, and approved the Town Hall tenants contract.

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