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Who Decides?

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To the editor:

Who decides whether a woman has autonomy over her own health/body decisions? The woman in consultation with her doctor, or five male Justices who were hand-picked for nomination by the Federalist Society, a right wing, conservative organization led by an ardent forced birth advocate, and then shoehorned into life time appointments by the then Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell? If newly elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, a Christian nationalist who wants a theocratic state ruled by so-called Christian values has his way, abortion would be constitutionally outlawed.

Who decides what books are appropriate to help our children learn our full American history? A teacher who has trained and taught for years, or an angry mob of parents at school board meetings ginned up by the exaggerations of Fox “News” and other biased media about the so-called Critical Race Theory, which isn’t even taught in schools?

Who decides whether our children will inherit a habitable planet? The thousands of scientists who have been through years of training and decades of research, or a bunch of congressional clowns who are beholden to their rich industrialists’ funders, and deny the reality of the climate breakdown?

Who decides who gets to vote? The Constitution, or the entrenched Republican majority in state houses who have gerrymandered their states to retain power forever?

Who decides? YOU DO! YOU decide whether MAGA Republicans will seize all the levers of power, or whether you will stand up for our democratic Republic by supporting Democrat and Progressive candidates in the swing States that will decide the majority in Congress in 2024. What happens in other states will directly affect Vermonters in all of the above decisions. To learn how you can be a champion of democracy, please email me, [email protected]

Bob Hawk


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