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Local Voters Weigh In on Schools, Appropriations

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photo by Vanessa Fournier
Hardwick voters Helm and Nancy Nottermann and their daughter-in-law and son Kelly and Ben Nottermann, were among many that attended the Hardwick Town Meeting at Hardwick Elementary School, March 5. In front at right is Chelsea Edgar, a freelance journalist from Burlington.

by Gazette Staff

Mountainview Union Voters Advise Lakeview Remains Open

HARDWICK — Shari Cornish was reelected to the Hardwick Select Board for a 3-year term, with Eric Remick and Timothy Ricciardello winning one-year terms.

Sabrina Morrison was elected to a three-year term as Hazen Union School Director.

In Hazen Union School District voting, the budget passed with 636 for and 394 against.

Mountain View Elementary School District voters passed that budget 608 to 426.

In the much awaited non-binding Lakeview School closure, 458 voted to close the school and 556 voted against the closure.

photo by Vanessa Fournier
Lawrence Hamel of East Hardwick, who is Hardwick’s town service officer, animal control officer and constable, makes a statement during town meeting held at Hardwick Elementary School March 5.

Land Use Regulations and Grader Bond Approved

CALAIS – Voters approved the Land Use and Development Regulations recommended to the voters after public hearings by the Calais Planning Commission on October 17, 2023, and the Calais Select Board on January 8, 2024, on a vote of 379 for and 138 against.   

A bond not to exceed $335,000 to be financed over a period not to exceed fifteen years to acquire a road grader passed 475 to 83.

Town officers elected by Australian ballot are:

Anne Winchester with 471 votes to a three-year term as select board member expiring in 2025.

Jamie Moorby with 481 votes as select board member for a three-year term expiring in 2027.

Donny Mucherino with 453 votes as select board member to a two-year term expiring in 2026.

Wilson Hughes with 459 votes as lister for a three-year term until 2027.

High School and Ambulance to Stay

CABOT – Mike Hogan was elected to a 3-year select board term and Walter (Skip) Bothfeld to a 2-year term.

The budget articles passed and residents wish to have the Cabot Ambulance continue to serve Cabot. The select board will serve as treasurer.

School choice was defeated and in a non-binding vote, the decision is to maintain the high school.

In other school news, renovations to move K-6 into the main building for $500,000 was approved and the school will borrow money to pay lawful debts.

photo by Catherine Morrissey
Town Moderator
Tim Nisbet and Town Clerk Kim Greaves talk before the town meeting in Greensboro.

Hardwick Rescue Allocation Upped

GREENSBORO – Tim Nisbet was re-elected as moderator. The town’s budget passed on a voice vote.

MacNeil was elected to replace Gary Circosta for a 3-year seat. Circosta was then nominated again in the voting for incumbent Ellen Celnik’s 2-year term, which she was reelected for.

David Kelley was elected as Hazen Union school director.

Appropriations went smoothly, with a surprise increase to the Hardwick Rescue allocation from $30,800 to $32,800. A new appropriation to Neighbors in Action passed.

The long awaited date for the Funky Fourth is July 6.

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