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Sunday Crowd Debates Library Budget

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MARSHFIELD – Marshfield held an open town meeting on Sunday afternoon. The turnout was higher than last year (150 vs. 120 last year).

Richard Baker did not run for another term on the select board and Christopher Whalen was elected for the three-year term.

Since it was the first time not meeting on the traditional Tuesday, there was a non-binding discussion of how voters felt about it. The results were generally positive, with about 20 voters indicating (by a show of hands) that they would not have been able to attend on Tuesday; however, the majority of voters indicated that they would be there no matter the day. One voter

indicated that she has lived in Vermont her whole life and this is the first time she has ever been able to attend town meeting. The meeting will remain on Sunday until the voters decide to change it.

The select board budget passed. There were two articles for the library; the first was for an appropriation that was 5% above last year, as recommended by the budget committee. It passed via voice vote. The second was for an additional 5.6% increase as requested by the library trustees. After discussion and a call for a paper ballot, the additional appropriation passed with 97 in favor and 22 approved.

The remaining appropriations passed with little or no discussion.

A resolution introduced under other business called for a ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank. The moderator first ruled the resolution out of order, and invited debate. The moderator’s decision was not sustained. The non-binding resolution passed by voice vote.

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