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Town Clerk, Treasurer Terms Extended

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WALDEN – The annual meeting of the Town of Walden was called to order at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Moderator Roger Fox reported it to be the 229th in-person town meeting in Walden. To the 65 or so attendees, he suggested participation in the “art of citizenship” and noted town meeting is “always an education.”

Rep. Chip Troiano, Walden’s representative, took the floor to update the gathering on bills for discussion and action in Montpelier. They include progress on rethinking education funding systems, pollinator protection, child care, housing with the building and repair of homes, retail theft and its relationship to opioid addiction, July flood recovery and relief for Walden, plus incarceration and healthcare for inmates.

Roger Fox returned to moderate, encouraging first-time town meeting attendees to introduce themselves and participate in the traditional governmental event.

Walden’s property taxes are voted to be paid on or before November 7, 2024.

There was discussion about a change from a one-year term to a three-year term for the town clerk and treasurer.    The vote for a three-year term was voted in the affirmative as well as the following vote for town treasurer for a three-year term with no discussion.

The town highway department budget was voted at $580,550.00 and the general budget was passed at $355,577.37 with an additional sum to be borrowed by the select board not to exceed $30,000 a year for a period not to exceed three years for the purchase to replace the small six-wheel International truck.

A ten-minute break at noon allowed for a quick snack and luncheon provided by the Walden home dem group with Diane Cochran and Chrystal Fox serving coffee, donuts, quick breads, muffins and homemade soups.

Bob Bell, Walden road foreman, was recognized for his 35 years of service to Walden. Town Clerk, Debbie Messier presented a large metal wall hanging with an artistically cut silhouette of a ten-wheeler plowing snow, created by Dan Greaves.

The Walden Library Trustees thanked the Walden public for their renewed energy and support as younger generation parents, families, and other volunteers have energized the library with activities, gatherings and events over the past year.

Judy Clifford, with supporting members from the Walden Cemetery Commission, Lynette Farnham, Daniel Mencucci and Larry Hubner, presented the draft definitions, rules and regulations of the commission with changes regarding green burial.    Questions and comments were addressed and a continuation of that discussion will happen at the Walden School polling site in the evening.

Seth O’Brien updated Walden residents on the NEK Broadband activities in the area. Some service will become available within the next few weeks.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 p.m.

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