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Be an Eclipse Ambassador

I have an informal poll going with some of my friends. Will we see a trickle of visitors in town this coming weekend and Monday of the solar eclipse, or will it be a wave? As the Vermont adage goes, “hard tellin’ not knowin’…” 

Whatever happens, I hope we’ll be ready to welcome folks from near and far who find themselves here for this unusual event. Let ‘em know that Hardwick is not just in the zone of totality, it’s a uniquely beautiful, historic, friendly, quirky, rugged, fun, naturally-blessed, culture-rich, deep-rooted and awesome community that we’re proud to call home. A place they should visit again (especially outside mud season.)

If you get the chance, maybe help someone out with local info – where to shop for food and other essentials or not-so-essentials, where to eat, get gas or a cup of coffee, go for a walk, play with their kids, chill out, etc.

Maybe tell ‘em that’s the Lamoille River, it flows into Lake Champlain (and flooded last July, if they ask about the porch hanging over the riverbank downtown).

Tell ‘em about how Hardwick used to be granite central, about our long history of agriculture and all the cool farming and food activity happening now.

Tell ‘em we’re in the northern highlands (aka Northeast Kingdom) and how that makes us a little different and special from the rest of Vermont–landscape and culture. Tell ‘em it’s the tail end of maple syrup season and to take home a gallon from a local sugarmaker.

The main thing I reckon is to be friendly and patient! If there’s more confusion at the blinking yellow light than usual, don’t sweat it, just point nicely and tell them they can go.

If you’re interested in being an informal ambassador for any part of this Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, let us know at [email protected] or call/text 802-557-4577.

Jan Mueller on behalf of the Hardwick Downtown Partnership


Jan Mueller

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