Off the Rails!

To the editor: Last week’s events have shaken me to the core. There seems to be a concerted effort to attack our democratic institutions from MAGA Republicans who are willing to use their political power to crush any opposition and ignore democratic rules in the advancement of their own agenda.[Read More…]

Mud Season in Vermont

by Elizabeth McCarthy Here country roads become soft traps of earth and water, deep rutted rolling paths, gateways we must pass. Is it penance for pride? Driving through purgatory, where time slogs along with us in mud, this wet dark thing called Spring. For arrogance? As if we, ourselves made[Read More…]

Support Your Local Florist

Often at the end of obituaries, it says “in remembrance” donate to a certain nonprofit. Often, that nonprofit is the Nature Conservancy. One location is in Montpelier. The Nature Conservancys is a 501CE organization and pay zilch in taxes and are required to let the public know what they are[Read More…]

The Rich Get Richer

To the editor: The Vermont Land Trust gave Don Joslin of Waitsfield, zero dollars (information from the Vermont Property Transfer tax returns) for the development rights to his scenic (views of all three ski areas) 150-acre dirt farm, with no running water, three-hole outhouse and knob and tube wiring. Yet[Read More…]

March Light

by Elizabeth McCarthy The heart of winter has softened, revealing a golden lamp searching for spring. Its angled light, beams across the horizon warming February’s white crusty cover. Casting long shadows behind the drooping evergreen that weeps crystal droplets upon hearing the yellow-rumped warbler flutter and trill, calling his love[Read More…]

Corrections to Craftsbury Select Board Article

To the editor: Last week’s Gazette contained information about Craftsbury Selectboard’s 2/28/2023 meeting, featuring Craftsbury Community Care Center’s application for additional VCDP funding for its HVAC improvements. The content was, we understand, taken from minutes posted on the town website. Unfortunately those minutes were a draft and contained some errors.[Read More…]

A Thumb Drive?

by Ross Connelly HARDWICK – Books. Shelves and shelves of books. Rooms and rooms of shelves and shelves of books. Historically, such a place, often found on a college or university campus, is known as a library. Plans are under way to rid the various campuses of the Vermont State[Read More…]

The 2023-2024 Biennium Begins

by Avram Patt, State Representative, Lamoille-Washington WORCESTER – The 2023-2024 session of the Vermont General Assembly officially began on January 4, with several days filled with necessary official procedural, legal and Constitutionally required actions, as well as introductory and organizing sessions designed to instruct new members and remind returning members[Read More…]

New Legislative Session Begins

by Katherine Sims, State Representative, Orl-4 CRAFTSBURY – I’m excited to kick off the 2023 legislative session this week. We’re fully in-person at the statehouse this year, and we’ll continue live-streaming committee hearings and floor action.The legislature will be tackling some really tough issues this year: childcare, education finance, housing,[Read More…]