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Hardwick Police Report

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Minor Crash and Hit-and-Run

On May 5 at approximately 0802 hours, Hardwick Police responded to a minor two vehicle crash in front of the Hardwick Inn on North Main St. in the town of Hardwick. Larry Stewart was operating a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander. He was attempting to back out of a parking space at the Hardwick Inn. According to Stewart, the sun was reflecting in his back window and he didn’t see a Subaru Outback behind him. The Subaru was being operated by Elizabeth Mitchell. The left rear bumper of the Mitsubishi collided with the passenger side door of the Subaru. No injuries and no citations issued.

On May 5 at approximately 0745 hours, Helen Neveu reported someone hit her car, a green 2010 Subaru Forester, and left the scene while it was at the Hardwick Village Restaurant parking lot, which is located at 74 S. Main St. in the town of Hardwick. The damages to her vehicle was estimated at approximately $1,600. A witness observed the incident and came forward with a vehicle description and registration plate number.

The registration came back to a 2011 white Toyota Sienna to David Smith of Greensboro. Smith subsequently admitted to the crash and leaving the scene. Smith’s case is being sent to the Restorative Justice Program.

May 7, approximately 0730 hours, the Hardwick Police Department responded to a report of a single car crash into a house on South Main St. The vehicle left the scene of the crash before officers arrived. The investigation showed the vehicle had been traveling northbound prior to the crash. The vehicle left the roadway and struck the front section of the house sending debris into the neighbor’s yard. The vehicle backed out into the road and continued traveling north on South Main St. then onto Mill St. and eastbound on Rte. 15. Based on the evidence at the scene, the vehicle appears to be a 200-2006 Honda CRV and light colored either cream or tan. The vehicle will have heavy front-end damage.

Anyone with information on the vehicle or the driver, please call the Hardwick Police Dept. at 802-472-5475.

May 6, 08:19, Daniels Road. Nicholas Peters, of Hardwick, backed into Molly Ciecieski, of Craftsbury Common. Both vehicles were in the parking lot of the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union when Peters’ vehicle, a Chevy pickup, backed into Ciecierski’s vehicle, a Honda CRV. Both sustained minor damage to their rear bumpers. Peters was issued a ticket for vehicle not being registered.

May 10, a residence on Summer St. in Hardwick had their garage and shed broken into and tools were taken. The tools were Milwaukee and Porter Cable cordless tools and a Ryobi gas leaf blower. These tools were taken during two different times over the past couple of weeks. Police are asking for your help with any information that you can provide.

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