Police Reports

Hardwick Police Report

On September 28 at approximately 1815 hours, on Daniels Road, Hardwick Police Department received a report that a juvenile was throwing objects at vehicles from a neighboring apartment building. Juvenile had thrown an egg that landed on caller’s motor vehicle. Juvenile admitted to throwing the egg.

On Monday, Oct. 3, at approximately 1018 hours, Sally Holdman-Bellavance called 911 to report that she was involved in an accident on Mill Street in Hardwick. She stated that the other car had left the scene.

Upon arrival, police met with the complainant who described the incident as follows: She was east-bound on Mill Street driving her 2018 Ford Escape when she was hit in the passenger side as she was passing the laundromat. The car was a gray Ford Mustang that didn’t stop until it got further up the road and then took off. The Mustang was later located and the operator identified as Melissa Baldwin. Baldwin denied she was in the accident but the Mustang had damage to the front with paint transfer to match the other vehicle.

Baldwin was ticketed for no registration, no insurance and suspended license. She was also cited into court for leaving the scene of an accident.

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