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Herbal Salve Workshop on Feb. 11

HARDWICK – Karen Brown of Dusty Swamp Provisions in Hardwick will teach participants how to make herbal salves with plain or herb-infused bear fat and local beeswax at a workshop on Saturday, Feb. 11, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., at the Center for an Agricultural Economy conference room. The basics of salve making taught in this workshop are applicable to plant-based salves. Basic herb information will be discussed. Brown has been making plant-based salves for over 15 years and transitioned to making bear fat salves about five years ago. Part of the discussion will include why she, especially as a vegetarian, made the switch to bear fat and the benefits of animal fats. Participants will share a light meal. Children are welcome to accompany adults but notify the center if very young children will need an on-site activity in the hallway to keep them occupied. Grow Your Own is a project of the Hardwick Area Food Pantry and the Center for an Agricultural Economy. Register online at nourishhardwick.org/grow-your-own by February 8. Space is limited. Workshops are always free.

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