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NEK Young Professionals Meet with Two Mixers in Glover and St. J

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NORTHEAST KINGDOM – The Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals Network (NEK YPN) will kick off a year’s worth of free events with two social mixers scheduled at locations throughout the Kingdom.

The first event will take place at Parker Pie (161 County Road, West Glover) on Friday, January

20, starting at 6 p.m., and another will take place a week later at Whirligig Brewing (397

Railroad Street, St. Johnsbury) on Thursday, January 26, starting at 5:30 p.m. Both events are

opportunities to network, enjoy some food and beverages and to get to know

the NEK YPN.

More information about both events can be found on the YPN’s Facebook page:


The NEK YPN recognizes the word “young” to be dynamic, not static, and “professional” to be

inclusive, not exclusive. All are welcome to attend these events, with a specific invitation to

those new to the area.

The Northeast Kingdom Young Professionals Network is a network for young professionals living

and working in and around Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The main purpose of the group is to

serve the needs of young professionals, employees, leaders and entrepreneurs of the tri-county

region, who are hoping to find networking and social opportunities. The YPN provides leadership, relationship building, and educational opportunities through collaboration with

community partners. The group is open and free to join, and hosts events, educational

opportunities and social mixers. To learn more or to join the NEK YPN as a member, visit

facebook.com/NEKYoungProfessionals and click the blue “Sign Up” button to join free

and receive newsletter updates. You can also email the group to sign up at

[email protected].

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