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Open Meeting on Window Inserts on Jan. 21

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HARDWICK – An open meeting on window inserts, sponsored by the Hardwick Energy Committee, will be held on January 21, at 11 a.m., at the Harwick Memorial Building.

The committee considered if anything could be done, short of window replacement, to improve the performance of cold and drafty single-pane windows or older double-pane windows. Many Vermonters tape plastic on the inside or outside of their windows in the fall hoping to be a little more comfortable and save some money on their heating bills over the winter. But the committee found there is a better, affordable alternative: window inserts. Inserts are light weight, snug fitting, interior storm windows built by local volunteers for themselves and their neighbors.
WindowDressers, a Maine based nonprofit, started producing inserts in 2011 and expanded into Vermont in 2018. Glover, Craftsbury and Greensboro were among the first towns to join in and in 2022 twenty-two community builds produced 4,376 window inserts for Vermonters. Other NEK towns to participate in 2022 were Sutton, Peacham, Danville, Ryegate and Barnet.
Residents of Hardwick, Woodbury, Walden, Cabot or any other nearby towns who are interested in getting involved in a practical project to benefit themselves and their neighbors should attend to learn about insert building experiences in Glover and Craftsbury and how to start a program in their towns.
More info can be found on the website //windowdressers.org/, or contact Hardwick Energy Coordinator Bill Chidsey at [email protected], (802) 249-6004, Paul Fixx in Hardwick at [email protected], (802) 441-4599; or Diana Peduzzi in Woodbury at [email protected], (802) 472-9300.

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