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2024 Budget Increases 2.1%

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WALDEN – The select board discussed the research that was done into a cab and chassis replacement purchase at their meeting on January 16. The first dealer feed-back indicated a wait time of 1-1/2 to 2 years.

The town clerk reported that the town report was lacking a select board report and the cemetery report. Judy Clifford had sent a cemetery report that day and the select board report was waiting for full board review.

The final Highway Budget for Fy2024 to be presented at town meeting has an increase of 0.1% or $502. The final General Budget for FY 2024 has an increase of 5.5% or $17,751.00. This is a combined increase of 2.1% or $18,253.00

Due to the recent prolonged power outage the board discussed an emergency generator purchase for the town garage. Everyone had an opinion and further discussion will occur. The problem is the inability to open the doors without power.

Present at the meeting were Robert Hatch, Brenda Huntoon, Randolph Wilson, and Deborah Messier in person and Elizabeth Wilkel and Judy Clifford via Zoom.

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