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Koehler Named Temporary Music Director at Church

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photo by Hal Gray
Andrew Koehler has been named temporary music director at Greensboro United Church of Christ.

by Eleanor Guare, Community Journalist

GREENSBORO – Beginning last month, Hal Parker, music director of Greensboro United Church of Christ, started a well-deserved three-month sabbatical; the congregation is now being treated to the musical talents of Andrew Koehler.

Koehler lives in Greensboro with his wife, Mavis MacNeil. Born in Chicago, Andrew listened to his grandfather Jim play the piano and by the age of four, Koehler learned to play by ear. He knew at some level that music would be his profession and he continued to learn and play throughout high school (where he deepened his Jazz interests). He then attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., where he met his wife Mavis, who performed with him in the orchestra. Their shared affections and musical talents eventually brought them to New York City where they were able to dive in to all the gigs possible, across many musical genres, all the while living in Astoria, Queens. Like so many young musicians, COVID drove them away from the metropolis and to the place they knew they would be at some point: Vermont. Here he has worked for Jasper Hill and is currently employed by Mac Nurse, where he enjoys applying his tech skills.

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