Family Art on Exhibit Through March

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Arya, Twigg, and Chloe Stubbs and Sheana Benoit have a family showing of art on exhibit through March at the Third Floor Gallery at the Hardwick Inn.

HARDWICK – The Third Floor Gallery at the Hardwick Inn is currently showing the art of a multi-talented young family of artists. Twigg Stubbs, the father, and Sheana Benoit, the mother, and their two daughters, Chloe and Arya, have works on exhibit through March.

Chloe Stubbs, age 15, has a fascination for mushrooms, drawn very precisely like botanical illustrations. Arya Stubbs, age 12, draws portraits of people with insights well beyond her years. Sheana Benoit exhibits paintings that are bold, some with strong geometric designs, others full of flowing images taken from nature. Twigg Stubbs’ work covers digital photographs with appreciation for patterns of light, to surrealistic paintings like one called “Humanity” with the suggestion of dripping brains. Another called “Rebirth”, perhaps to balance the story out.
Olive Ylin, the curator for the gallery, interviewed each family member to get an idea of what inspired them. She says both parents named their own parents as sources of inspiration. Twigg Stubbs’ father is a potter, and his mother is famous for her swirling calligraphy. Sheana Benoit’s parents were also artistic, but held out that practicality, meaning a real job, was a priority. There were always art supplies around both houses, so making art was a part of every day growing up. Chloe and Arya Stubbs fell right in to the fun of creating right along side of their parents. Their talents for self expression were recognized and encouraged early on. The same day Chloe Stubbs airbrushed a skull on her jacket, somebody asked her if they could commission her design for a tattoo. She looks at forms and shapes of animal bones carefully, and besides being an artist, she wants to be a taxidermist when she grows up.

The Third Floor Gallery is located at 4 South Main Street.

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