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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinners Feb. 21

by Hal Gray
GREENSBORO – Many ladies of the Greensboro United Church of Christ prepared 100 free pancake dinners with all the fixings February 21, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, whose name comes from the old custom of confessing (being shriven) on that day. This event marks the celebration preceding the somber 40 days of Lent and Christ’s Crucifixion. Many people choose to fast starting Ash Wednesday, therefore Shrove Tuesday became the day to use up all the rich food left in the house, resulting in the tradition of pancakes. People of greater Greensboro picked up their pancake dinners via grab ‘n’ go distribution as they drove through the church parking lot.

Christine Pierpont manages a griddle.
Cilla Bonney-Smith tends to her fluffy charges.
B.J. Gray with the whipped butter cups.
Nancy Hill in her Mardi Gras beads
flips pancakes.
The Casavant family picks up pancakes
with little Ashton.
Patti Sunday-Winters hands pancakes
to Patty Launer.
Sherral Lumsden loads sausages.
Rev. Sunday-Winters hands
pancakes to Dulce Nino.
Shelly Jungwirth eyes the stack
of waiting containers.

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