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Board Gets Back to Business after Town Meeting

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by Gazette Staff

HARDWICK – At its March 16 regular meeting, the Hardwick Select Board covered a long list of administrative tasks, ranging from choosing board officers to issuing a reminder that dog license renewals are just around the corner.

The first order of business was to elect board officers. Eric Remick was re-elected as chair and Ceilidh Galloway-Kane as vice-chair.

The board then reviewed a list of appointments and voted the following people to one-year positions: – David Upson Jr., Civil Defense/Emergency Management Coordinator; Bill Chidsey, Town Energy Coordinator; Shari Cornish, CVSWMD Representative; Lawrence Hamel, Town Service Officer; Elizabeth Dow, as Agent to Convey Real Estate; Shari Cornish, as Board Representative to Sign Warrants; Shari Cornish as, NEKArt’s Board Representative; Paul Fixx, as NEK Communication Union District Representative; Eric Remick, as Hardwick Trails Committee Representative; Elizabeth Dow, Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Committee Representative; David Upson, as Town Safety Officer; Maya McCoy, Town Website Coordinator; Danny Hale, Town Representative for NVDA; Danny Hale, Hardwick/Woodbury Rail Trail; Eric Remick, Town Health Officer; David Upson Jr., Deputy Health Officer; Shari Cornish, Town Representative for Downtown Partnership; Tracy Martin, David Upson Jr, Town Staff Representatives on Downtown Partnership Board; Ceilidh Galloway Kane, Town representative for the Equity Committee. The board also voted Paul Fixx to be the representative on the NEK Broadband governing board, and Erin Rosenthal to the Conservation Commission.

Next, the board discussed and approved the following liquor licenses: a First Class license for Hardwick House of Pizza (Hardwick); Second Class Licenses for Tops Market, LLC; Buffalo Mountain Co-op, Inc.; and Keg of Glory, LLC d/b/a Birdsong Beer & Wine.

The motion at Town Meeting to approve the budget was accidentally omitted, meaning the select board needed to approve a resolution. The board voted to approve the Town of Hardwick’s Budget vote resolution and to approve a banner application from Cirkus Smirkus. The board also voted to approve the water and wastewater connection for the Jeudevine Library expansion project, waive the normal fee, and authorize the town manager to sign the appropriate documents.

The board also voted to certify the Annual Financial Plan for Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) for Highway State Aid, but tabled a vote to approve the three-year International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) contract for the highway department collective bargaining unit until the next select board meeting.

The board then voted to authorize the town manager to enter into a contract with Carrington Community Development Services for the bylaw modernization grant project for an amount not to exceed $20,300.

Under select board reports, board member Shari Cornish reported that the Town House will screen a film on March 31. The film is called “The Farm Boy” and was written and directed by George Woodard. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. More information is available at hardwicktownhouse.org/events-at-the-town-house/.

Cornish also reported that on March 22, she and Tracy Martin will be attending the Downtown Advocacy Day at the State House to represent Hardwick.

Board vice-chair Galloway-Kane reported that the Equity Committee will be having an event at Buffalo Mountain Co-op Saturday, March 18, at 2 p.m., about equity and food.

Board chair Remick reported that the Yellow Barn is proceeding, and that the contract will be signed soon. The plan is to break ground in May 2023.

Under old business, Town Treasurer and Clerk Tonia Chase reported that the deadline for dog licenses is April 3. In order to register, dog owners will need a current rabies certificate. The cost is $9 up to April 3, after which the price will increase.

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