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Corrections to Craftsbury Select Board Article

To the editor:

Last week’s Gazette contained information about Craftsbury Selectboard’s 2/28/2023 meeting, featuring Craftsbury Community Care Center’s application for additional VCDP funding for its HVAC improvements. The content was, we understand, taken from minutes posted on the town website. Unfortunately those minutes were a draft and contained some errors. (We’re not casting fault: with the complex nature of the topic, nuances can be missed!)

CCCC appreciates the front-page coverage but feel we should correct the record. The budget discussed was not CCCC’s operating budget, but rather a proposed HVAC project budget to be submitted to VCDP seeking a potential enhancement to our already-approved HVAC grant.

You see, due to post-COVID construction and supply chain cost increases, VCDP increased potential maximum award amounts to help grantees complete approved projects. Enhancement to the CCCC’s grant is not guaranteed, but contingent upon VCDP’s review of our proposal, eligible expenses, and available funding. CCCC might receive additional HVAC funding, or we might not.

It’s important to clarify because we wouldn’t want to imply the State provided additional funding without proper process and CCCC has a lot of funds left to raise! In addition to our HVAC project (even if we receive full additional VCDP funding, $200,000 remains uncovered), we have the kitchen renovation costs plus exterior painting. Post-pandemic costs have ensured we are fundraising for the long run.

Thank you for allowing us to clarify these points.

Jane Marlin

President, Craftsbury Community Care Center Board

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