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Village Plan Moves Toward Completion

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by Gazette Staff

CRAFTSBURY – At its March 21 regular meeting, the Craftsbury Select Board covered a number of agenda items, including an ARPA funds request, committee appointments, and the status of the Craftsbury Village Plan.

The first topic for discussion was an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds request from Craftsbury School Booster Club members April Royan and Joey LaMare. They requested funding for a concession stand ($4,500), a batting cage at Craftsbury Academy ($3,181.06) and a shooting machine ($5,490), for a total of $13,171.06. The board voted to approve the request.

Next, board member Susan Houston made a motion to increase the lead lister pay hourly wage to $30. The board approved the motion, and Houston’s motion to appoint Jim Jones and Bruce Urie as select board co-chairs was approved unanimously.

The next action item was to appoint town committee members. Houston listed the committee recommendations: Planning Commission, awaiting language to post position on Front Porch Forum; Conservation Commission, need to fill two full-time positions for four years, there are no appointments at this time; Energy Committee, two members are leaving and two are staying on and the board voted to appoint Ian Nelson to the committee; Neighbor-to-Neighbor, both members agreed to serve another term; Recreation Committee, a number of people termed out but no appointments were made.

Other committee recommendations included the Website Committee, where Houston motioned to appoint Victoria Hudson to the Website Committee, and the board voted to do so; Mental Health Resource Group, three additional member seats were added; ARPA Working Group, work has been concluded and the group disbanded; Antiques & Uniques, no changes; Forestry Committee, there are three more years for those already on the committee; Town Service Officer, the board voted to appoint Michelle Warren as town service officer; WWII Memorial Trustees and Craftsbury War Memorial Committee, letters to be sent to potential candidates; and NEK CUD, membership remains the same.

In the discussion, it was noted that commissions and committees meet monthly.

The board then voted to advertise the Delinquent Tax Collector job opening. Urie signed the Municipal Impact questionnaire for Heather Coyle and Michele Miller, and signed several other approvals, including weight permits for r.k. Miles, Cardinal Logistics Management Corp., ALH Transit, Inc., Suburban Propane, IM Trucking LLC, Packard Fuels LLC, Consolidated Communications, Calkins, SD Ireland, and Beacon Sales Acquisition. New permits were approved for Harrison Concrete and Irving Oil.

Under commission reports, Planning Commission chair Farley Brown said that more than 50 people attended the Community Visioning for Craftsbury Community Plan (online and in-person). The final village plan will be presented during the April 19 meeting. Once the commission signs off on the plan, it will organize a working group to help put the plan into action.

It was reported that the conservation commission will host a June 19 panel titled “Tools of the Trade” which will have four speakers.

The board then voted to approve a $150,000 temporary loan from the Preservation Fund to the General Fund to pay bills.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, at Town Hall.

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