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GLOVER – Daniel Leigh Goodrich 76 of Hardwick, passed April 13. He was born May17,1946, to James Goodrich and Ezoa Daniels Goodrich of Hardwick.

Early on Dan worked at his grandfather Sam Daniels’ iron foundry making furnaces. He graduated Hardwick Academy and Castleton State College. He taught art at Hardwick elementary school. Most knew him through the many bands he was in:”The Elegants”,”The Right aLane”,”Vermont Green”,”Star Route”, “The Toasters”,Senior Moment”, and more. He taught many guitar and was always willing to help and was patient and kind. Others knew him from his years in the hobby of model railroading. He was skilled in many construction jobs and became a self-employed master electrician.
In 1975 he married Cheryl Ives. He is survived by his son Aaron Goodrich and partner Mary Babbidge, his sister Claire (Sue) Slayton, his granddaughter Caylee Camber, great-granddaughters Natalie and Emily. He was predecease by his parents James and Ezoa Goodrich,and his late wife T.J.Sweat. He leaves many nieces and nephews.

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