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Board Appoints Delinquent Tax Collector

by Gazette Staff

CRAFTSBURY – At its April 18 regular meeting, the Craftsbury Select Board discussed work on the town’s culverts, measures to control the behavior of an unsupervised dog, and appointed a new delinquent tax collector.

The first topic for discussion was work on the town’s culverts. The work needs to be started while keeping the planning commission updated since the work is related to the Craftsbury Village Plan. The board is awaiting project cost estimates. There are, potentially, grants that can be used to fund the work.
Next up was a continuation of the discussion about an unruly and unsupervised dog. The pet owner has been cited twice, according to the town animal control officer. The board will monitor the situation before sending a certified letter demanding action.

The board then voted to approve a quote from Pike Industries to pave the section of North Craftsbury Road from the top of the hill by the new cabin to Sterling’s library and the Common. The quote for $116,720 covers 4,315 feet of paving.

Next, the board voted to approve Alison Blaney as the delinquent tax collector.

The board then decided not to allow the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Committee to have a tent at the block party, saying that it is inappropriate to have committees or commissions recruiting or doing business at the event. Old Home Day was suggested as an alternative.

Saturday, June 17, was confirmed as bulky day for free bulk waste collection.

Under commission and committee reports, planning commission co-chairs Farley Brown and Rudy Chase discussed commission appointments. There is one more slot to fill and two qualified applicants, Reed Holden and David Koschak, are under consideration. The commission will be closing out a Municipal Planning Grant at the end of the month. The town must put up the money but will be reimbursed. The commission will meet to discuss developing a list of survey questions to mail to town residents. The survey will mirror the survey that was sent out several years ago.

As part of the planned Bio-Blitz, members of the conservation commission are working to set up an iNaturalist program.

The energy committee reported that it needs $2,250, including $1,100 for low-income residents and $950 to deliver firewood. The board voted to approve $500 for committee expenditures.

The Freedom and Unity Group met with Susan Clark to continue planning its initiative.

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