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Lumen Printing Workshop June 3

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Caroline Loftus

MORRISVILLE – A lumen printing workshop with Caroline Loftus will be held Saturday, June 3, at noon, at River Arts.

Lumen printing is an alternative photography process that brings the darkroom into nature. MFA graduate student Caroline Loftus will help create photogenic drawings with nature-based materials. This class will cover a brief history of lumen printing, and guide participants step by step in this image making process. This is a camera-less process, participants are not required to bring cameras. Participants will gather at River Arts but spend a majority of their time outside.

Loftus is a visual artist working in alternative photography in Vermont. In 2021, Loftus graduated from Northern Vermont University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts. Inspired by the photogenic drawings of William Henry Fox Talbot, she began printing her own creative reflection of the environment surrounding her. Lumen photography, also known as a solar photogram, is one of the earliest photographic experiments of the 19th century.

River Arts is located at 74 Pleasant St. For more information, see riverartsvt.org

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