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Bulky Day Scheduled for June 17

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by Gazette Staff

CRAFTSBURY – At its May 16 regular meeting, the Craftsbury Select Board discussed billing for solar-generated energy, Bulky Day planning and Window Dresser workshops.

The first topic for discussion was a report from the Energy Committee, presented by committee member Ned Houston. The discussion centered on the financial impact of solar power. One suggestion was to conduct an annual accounting to show the cost, per kilowatt-hour, with and without solar energy. It was noted that the situation is dynamic: calculations for hydroelectric power have changed and the State of Vermont has changed how Efficiency Vermont write-offs are handled. The result is that it will no longer be possible to have a zero bill. The town will probably have a bill of at least $2,500 a year going forward. The committee is encouraged by that. The town garage and town hall use a fair amount of electricity. Consumption has not varied much over the years and even winters do not show much of a variance. The committee will continue its conservation efforts.

It was announced that the Lamoille Bicycle Ride through town will be held on July 15, and that a rate hike of $1 per bag for solid waste will go into effect on July 1. The new rate will still be lower than other facilities in the area. Another update concerned the Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP), which has now been reviewed by the state.

Bulky Day will be held on June 17, from 9 a.m. until noon. Planning is underway, including the coordination of volunteers, and ordering containers and signage. The event will be run in the same way as last year.

It was noted that residents have been asking when roadside mowing will begin. The current plan is to start sometime around the third week in July or early August.

The Conservation Commission reported that Brian Machesney has resigned and will need to be replaced.

Planning for the Bioblitz event is moving forward.

The Energy Committee reported that the library solar project is completely installed. Window Dressers have done 27 homes and measured 164 inserts. Window Dresser workshops are scheduled from October 23 to November 1.

The road foreman report noted that work on grading has started. An application will be submitted for a Highway Safety Improvement Program grant.

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