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Initial Town BioBlitz Hailed as Success

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by Gazette Staff

CRAFTSBURY – At its June 6 regular meeting, the Craftsbury Select Board discussed window insulation, delinquent tax policy, and the initial town BioBlitz.

The first topic of discussion was a Window Dressers Estimate for insulating windows at Town Hall. Energy committee member Kevin Gregoire reported that the cost would be $247.68 for the five windows. An estimate for painting is pending. The board voted to approve the work at the estimated cost and thanked Gregoire for his work.

Delinquent Tax Collector Alison Blane presented the Delinquent Tax Policy and Payment Agreement. She stated that indications are good for knowing where Craftsbury stands in terms of what has been received and what is owed, and suggested that the policy documents could be sent out with every bill or posted on the town website. The board voted to approve the Delinquent Tax Policy and Payment Agreement (the agreement between tax collector and delinquent taxpayer).

Jeannine Young suggested that a sign should be installed on Young Road. The road is a dead-end with no place to turn around. Motorists drive to the end of the road and then use a private drive to turn around, sometimes causing damage to fixed items, like a mailbox.

The board reviewed draft list of dog owners with unregistered pets. After discussion, the board voted to serve dog warrants to those on the list.

An agenda item introduced by the energy committee sought to ensure that the funds for windows being promised are available when needed. The policy is to meet as many requests as possible and cover the costs through fundraising. The details of funds raised and expenditures made need to be tracked.

The Craftsbury Conservation Commission reported that the first BioBlitz training was well received by the 10 people who attended the initial session. The commission will conduct another training session and sees the potential to conduct a town-wide nature inventory, which it feels would be very beneficial for the town. Elinor Osborn has taken on this project. There was a reminder about a “Tools of the Trade” panel discussion on Monday, June 19, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall. The main topic will be what conservation means. Other topics will include Act 171 (Forest Habitat Protection Law), conservation and easement, and Craftsbury landscape.

The Antiques & Uniques committee reported that this year’s event will feature about 100 vendors.

The next select board meeting is scheduled for June 20, at 7 p.m., at Town Hall.

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