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Greensboro Fellowship Hall Roof Takes a Beating

photo by Hal Gray
The progress of funds to repair the roof at Fellowship Hall is reflected in a graphic sign placed in the front of the United Church of Christ.

by Hal Gray, Community Journalist

GREENSBORO – The lakeside roof on Greensboro’s Fellowship Hall has taken a beating from the weather coming off Caspian Lake. After recent renovation of the ceiling, insulation, lights and the floor at the hall, it is thought that heavy snow, strong winds and driving rain will jeopardize these recent improvements.

Fellowship Hall is a community resource, often used by people, unrelated to the church, who use the building for exercise, birthday parties, holiday luncheons, library banquets, as well as its banquet tables and chairs at outside community events.

There are probably very few local people who have not used the Hall in one of its many capacities. Recently an out-of-town couple with physical limitations came to attend a public event, and it was the simple elevator-like lift that enabled them to enjoy the event in comfort and dignity.

While attached to the church, the hall could seek funding within its membership, but the hall is more than a church facility: it is a community resource. Contributions to date for roof repairs have come roughly equally from community members as well as members of the church. An anonymous donor has offered to match a good portion of the contributions. A thermometer graphic reflecting funding has been erected on the grass in front of the building to inform everyone of funding progress. Project completion is sought before next winter. With an estimated cost of $55,000, the roof fund as of June 10 stood at $38,000.

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