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Select Board Discusses Fiber Optic Merger Proposal

by Francesca Kitch

CRAFTSBURY – At its June 20 regular meeting, Rudy Chase came to take questions from the select board about a proposal regarding broadband. The proposal includes the Town of Craftsbury donating its fiber optic network assets to the Communications Union Districts (CUD) to enhance internet service. This would also allow for the CUD to send workers to fix issues after storms rather than relying on the internet provider, Kingdom Fiber, to send someone. The select board was supportive of continuing work on the proposal. The board indicated that its approval is contingent on Chase’s upcoming meetings with Kingdom Fiber and other information to be gathered in the coming weeks.

The Ash Inventory Working Group decided on a plan to survey roadside ash trees. Eight stands of ash trees were found in the town’s right-of-way and the group is now in the process of counting individual trees to create a map of ash trees in Craftsbury. The working group notes that there is a market for ash wood right now and encourages landowners with ash trees to take advantage of this.

The Community Capacity Building Mini-Grant received $4,000 from New England Grassroots and the select board wishes to know what the grant can be used for before accepting it.

The Stephanie Dunbar Scholarship fund has been distributed to the high school students who have won it this year. However, it was identified that there has been an issue with the money not being recorded in the town accounts for the past few years.

Town Clerk and Treasurer Michelle Warren reminded that the 50th anniversary of Craftsbury’s Antiques & Uniques will take place on Craftsbury Common on July 8, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

On Monday, June 20, the Town Conservation Commission put on a panel with four landowners to discuss how they could approach conserving their land as part of the Vermont Land Trust. Board member Susan Houston said that the meeting was well received and informative.

The next regular select board meeting is scheduled for July 11.

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