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Housing Forum Hosts July 10 Panel

by Hal Gray

EAST CRAFTSBURY – The Community Housing Forum meeting June 25 in the East Craftsbury Presbyterian Church discussed various housing topics including its Monday, July 10, panel of four speakers addressing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). These units, also referred to as second units, in-law units, or granny flats, are accessories to a primary residence and have complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. ADUs may be separate or attached to the primary structure and address the lack of affordable housing, especially for renters.

Speakers at the July 10 panel will include Dawn Cross, the Homeownership Center Director of Rural Edge, who has considerable knowledge about the difficulties of creating ADUs in rural areas; Patrick Shattuck, Rural Edge Executive Director, with many years of development experience, including what the creation of ADUs can do to help the housing crisis in our area; Patrick Larson, a local engineer who designs waste systems and how this relates to adding an ADU; and Jean Lowell, who built an ADU, going through the process of getting funding and assistance from the Vermont State Housing Authority.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. After short presentations there will be time for questions.

The Community Housing Forum hosting this panel is a group of interested residents of local towns including Craftsbury, Albany and Greensboro, and has been meeting monthly under the leadership of Neil Urie, from East Craftsbury Presbyterian Church, on various housing topics, including ADUs; Home Sharing (in which a homeowner shares his or her home under carefully controlled circumstances, thus addressing everyone’s needs as well as the shortage of affordable housing); the need for senior housing; and the availability of land in local village centers, for which state funding is accessible. Monthly meetings, in addition to the July 10 panel, are currently set for July 30 and August 27.

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