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Latest Edition of Hazen Road Dispatch Released

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by Gail Sangree and Alison Gardiner

GREENSBORO – This year’s Hazen Road Dispatch features several new voices as well as those of some old-timers. New voices include Ross Connelly, one of the former editors of the Hardwick Gazette. He reviews Eric Pope’s book, “Granite Kingdom.” Sandy Gebbie and Mike Metcalf contributed some memories about the Gebbie ski tow and the “I Married Greensboro Club.”

Two regular contributors, Clay Simpson and Dan Metraux, have pieces about Herbert Turrell, founder of the Turrell Fund and the Greensboro Association, and about early Craftsbury’s horrible roads.

Tim Breen, a historian of early American history, has written an account about the founding of Greensboro and Gail Sangree writes about Cyrus Homer, Timothy Hinman’s slave, and contrasts him with Paul Mingo, an African American who settled in Greensboro before 1810. Wiz Dow writes a well-researched account of Mark Foster’s life, a former Hardwick town treasurer, who turned embezzler during his tenure.

There’s more, including more photos. The 2023 issue is available in Greensboro at Willey’s, Smith’s and Wilson Farm Market; in Craftsbury at the Genny and the C Village Store; and in Hardwick at Front Seat Coffee, the Galaxy and Buffalo Mountain Market.

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