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Plant Dyeing Workshop

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photos by Hal Gray
Barbara Mutrux lifts fabric dyed yellow from rhubarb root, while artist-instructor Sara Riegler (Waterville) looks on during WonderArts (Greensboro) Botanical Dyeing workshop June 18, in the Greensboro church kitchen.
Botanical dyeing workshop participants view plants in the garden of local resident Rick Ely (center) during an instructional walk-about.
Sara Riegler (center) with Beth Meachem (left) and Barbara Mutrux (right) retrieve rhubarb-root-dyed fabric made more vibrant in an iron bath.
Workshop participants look at lupine during an instructional walk-about.
Dyeing workshop participants Ruth Gerson, Beth Meachem, Sara Riegler (instructor), Sarah Mutrux (WonderArts representative), Marie LaPre Grabon, Sarah Tewksbury (hidden) and Barbara Mutrux look at invasive plants at the roadside, and list color-dying properties.
Sara Riegler and Sarah Tewksbury retrieve fabric dyed green with a natural dye they created from lupine stems.

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