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Solar Project Introduced July 9

CRAFTSBURY – The Craftsbury Public Library and the Craftsbury Energy Committee invite everyone to celebrate the success of a collaborative solar project at the Craftsbury Public Library, 12 Church Lane, Craftsbury Common. On Sunday, July 9, at 5 p.m., the two organizations will introduce the library solar power and battery backup system, made possible by numerous funding partners, and designed and built by Vince O’Connell of the Craftsbury Energy Committee.

The goal of the renewable energy and back-up power system is to ensure uninterrupted access to internet communications and library resources during power outages. The system includes roof-mounted solar panels, a 20 kWh back-up battery and other components that will provide renewable and reliable power rain or shine. The project ensures a safe and reliable work space and access to resources to carry out essential internet-dependent work when power outages make work at home impossible. With this resilient system in place local citizens are now able to access communication and vital information sites as they cope with the challenges of power outages.

The solar generation will also eliminate most of the electric utility costs for the library as well as contribute to Vermont’s goals for renewable energy and resilience. In addition to being directly useful to the library the project serves as an example of a resilient energy system that similar organizations can replicate. The solar generation of the system will be able to be tracked from the library website.

This project has come to fruition through a unique combination of donors, including the Association of Rural and Small Libraries, the AKC Foundation, the Vermont Council on Rural Development, municipal American Rescue Plan Act funding, Concept 2, individual donors, and volunteer labor which reduced the project cost by over 50%. The design and installation of the system, amounting to hundreds of hours of skilled labor, was donated by Vince O’Connell. Vince will be explaining the system at the solar celebration on July 9, and sunny snacks will be available. For more information, contact the library at (802) 586-9683.

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