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Ongoing Flood Repair

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Another LVRT washout, July 22, on the opposite side of Route 15 (just beyond the “Stop” sign). The Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge is visible in the distance.

On July 22, the washout on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) between Route 15 and the Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge that carries the LVRT over the Lamoille River. Note the debris pile from the washout just to its right.

Minor damage, July 22, to the Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge gives some idea of the height of the flood waters.

Patched-up Craftsbury Road on the morning of July 19 just north of intersection with Greensboro’s North Shore Road. “Road Closed” sign was removed within hours after photo taken.

Patched-up Greensboro’s North Shore Road, July 19, just west of intersection with Craftsbury Road.

Repair in process the morning of July 19 on Greensboro’s Bayley Hazen Road, at intersection with Lake Shore/North Shore Roads.

“Road Closed” sign, July 19, on Greensboro’s Harrington Road (leading to Lake Eligo) at junction with Lakeview Road.

View of “Walgreens Mobile Pharmacy” parked July 22 beside Hardwick’s Walgreens Store while the store undergoes rehabilitation for perhaps four-to-six weeks. Rehabilitation of Tops Supermarket was faster and the store has reopened, but the Walgreens interior was covered with “drywall” that had to be removed.

A member of Hardwick’s Walgreens staff, July 22, in front of “Walgreens Mobile Pharmacy” that is expected to begin dispensing prescriptions, perhaps during the week of July 24.

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