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Slideshow Features Vermont’s Small Boat-building Traditions

Douglas Brooks

GREENSBORO – The Greensboro Free Library will host researcher and boat builder Douglas Brooks speaking about Vermont’s boatbuilding traditions on Wednesday, August 9, at 5 p.m. Brooks specializes in the construction of traditional wooden boats for museums and private clients. He studied with nine boatbuilders from across Japan between1996-2019, and is currently working with the Henry Sheldon Museum of History on a comprehensive survey of historic boats and boat-building in the Lake Champlain Basin. He teaches classes in boat-building and regularly publishes articles on his research, and is the author of five books, including “Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding,” the first comprehensive survey of the craft.

Brooks found that while the stories of Vermont naval history and commercial shipping have been well documented by generations of historians, the traditions of small boat building in our state have remained untold. Vermonters have traditionally built their own boats, whether for pleasure or commercial use. The historical record illuminating this subject resides today mostly in family stories and photo collections. In his slide presentation, Brooks will share his research on these traditions and his work in recreating some of these historic vessels.

This event is sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council and the Greensboro Association, and is free and open to everyone. Greensboro Free Library is at 53 Wilson Street, with overflow parking available at the church or town parking lot. For more information, contact the Library at (802) 533-2531.

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