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Porter Brook Culvert Work in Greensboro

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The detour sign at the intersection of Breezy Avenue and Lake Shore Road directs traffic around Caspian Lake on Lake Shore Road as a result of the Porter Brook culvert construction on Greensboro’s Craftsbury Road.
Pre-cast culvert sections have been bolted together as Porter Brook passes into the culvert on Wednesday, August 16, above the worker preparing to bury the culvert’s cement footing.
Pre-cast sections of Porter Brook culvert are visible Friday, August 18, on top of buried footing as brook passes through culvert.
The south end of Porter Brook culvert on Wednesday, August 16, as the brook rushes out of culvert on a constructed channel as the culvert footing on right, below the level of the rushing brook, is about to be buried.
The north end of Porter Brook culvert on Craftsbury Road on Friday, August 18, as sides of culvert are buried and culvert aprons await cement.
The buried culvert on Friday, August 18, awaiting cement to cover rebar of culvert apron.

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